Second Annual Piano Competition on May 17th 2014!

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          Redding, CA – “We would like to award this piano to Jake Standifer,” said Judge Dr. Robert Bowman, at Redding Piano Angel’s (RPA) first piano competition! Judge Ellen Southard stated, “Astounding development in a brief year of lessons” and Judge Dr. Robert Bowman said, “Excellent dynamics!”

         Saturday, April 27, at 6:00 pm, RPA’s first piano competition was held at The Music Connection in Redding.  Local piano students competed and judges were Zonia Warchala, B.M., Ellen Southard, M.S., and Robert Bowman, D.M.A.

         “Our piano competition is unique,” said RPA’s President Frank J. Strazzarino, Jr., “The winning prize was much more than a plaque, trophy or ribbon, it was a beautiful 48” Yamaha upright piano!”

         Judging criteria was based on 40% talent (performance and presentation), 40% financial need, and 20% commitment (family and student). Winning student, Jake Standifer, performed Mozart‘s Rondo Alla Turca, Chopin’s Waltz in A minor, and Paderewski’s Menuet.  “Jake is an extremely gifted student!” said Conica Patnaik, Jake’s piano teacher.

         Jake’s brothers, parents and grandparents were thrilled when Jake’s name was announced. After the competition, Jake performed several songs on his new piano for his family.

         Our mission is to assist piano students in the acquisition of an acoustic piano. To date, Redding Piano Angels has assisted 36 students in an acquisition of an acoustic piano.  For more information, contact Frank J. Strazzarino, Jr. at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our brochure, success stories, piano acceptance policy, and video and radio interviews can be viewed at

Jake Standifer, Age 13

      I started playing the piano at my Grandpa’s house on his keyboard in November 2011. I taught myself and, in a couple of months, I played The Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin in my school talent show. After that, my family and friends said I should start taking piano lessons. I started taking lessons from Mrs. Patnaik in April 2012.

      At first, I liked piano lessons, and then I didn’t like them because I thought they were a little easy. Then Mrs. Patnaik showed me some cool, complex, difficult pieces and lessons got interesting and fun. I love going to my lessons now.

      Of the instruments I play, the piano is the most fun. I think piano also helps you understand other instruments. Piano pieces are more complex and proper. I really like being challenged. I don’t really know what I want to do, yet. I just know that I want to advance in my knowledge and ability in piano. It is fun and I really like it.

      Thank you for considering me in the competition.

 Piano Competition winning student, Jake Standifer, was awarded this 48" Yamaha upright piano, model T121!

After the competition, Jake plays his NEW piano for his family!